What we make

  • Grab their attention Grab their attention

    The intro to a program is its first selling point. It sets the tone, style, and expectation for the viewer. Some intros can be expository, some can explain themes, others can set a mood…

    Realms specializes in the kind that sets a mood, by combining your random or b-roll footage into an eye-catching introductory montage. Some personal inspirations include: Deadwood, Portlandia, The Walking Dead, True Blood, and American Horror Story.

    If you want that style, please call.

  • Fund YOUR project Fund YOUR project

    Every crowd funding video Realms has edited has successfully raised dollars. Tens of thousands, in fact.

    Successful crowd funding is dependent on many factors. So, while you concentrate on all the other factors, you can be assured that Realms is working to make your video the best it can be. This includes fostering the right emotional response–one that will make potential investors confident in giving you their money and assured that they are doing the right thing.

  • Telling your story Telling your story

    JK Realms has moved into editing documentaries in a big way, out of love for experiencing and understanding our world.

    Realms has post-produced several documentaries the past few years, including annually documenting the Burning Man event as Profiles in Dust, of which he is a prominent member.

  • Award Winning Award Winning

    From shorts to features, Realms can tell your story and post-produce your film.

    This includes:
    • Offline and Online Editing
    • Sound Design
    • Sound Mix
    • Color Grading
    • Visual FX
    • Titles/Credits

    Realms has won some awards now, most notably “BEST PICTURE” for one of his feature films (Altoids Independent Spirit Award, Seattle Film Forum).

  • Wow Factor Wow Factor

    The silent “wow”—–It’s ultimately what the sizzle or trailer strives to achieve.

    It starts with keen decisions. Shot order, timing, color, sharpness, and subject all come into play, as does screen-testing, refinement, and acute attention to detail… all in order to create an experience that leaves the viewer wanting more.

    We want to help you make viewers hungry.

  • Capture the bliss Capture the bliss

    You work hard, extremely hard, to produce your event.

    Those moments you create can be nothing short of transformative for your event attendees…. However, memories fade as the year wears on, and excitement must be nurtured.  Realms has a history of event attendance and understands the importance, significance, and profound sense of ‘coming home’ that calls out to newcomers and welcomes back seasoned festival goers.

    Realms ensures your event video is created with true understands of live events and their coverage.

  • Infomercials & PSAs Infomercials & PSAs

    Your important messages don’t have to be boring. They can really be fun–and powerful!

    Listen, gone are the mundane, late-night infomercials hosted by Erik Estrada and Gary Coleman that filled up the airwaves and made us all crash on the couch. And to hell with those Public Service Announcements that used so many cheesy video effects you never wanted to watch Public Access again, or buy from a used-car salesman ever.

    Realms can convey your message and promote your product or service with modern-day gusto… So say “goodbye” to TV dinners and “HELLO” to gourmet, artisian pizza at your door!

  • It’s your time It’s your time

    Realms has made demo reels for many types of entertainment industry professionals:

    • Screen Actors
    • Voiceover Artists
    • Authors
    • Musicians

    These talent reels, typically 1-4 minutes long, showcase the talent’s best and most current work. They have continuously helped our talented clients land bigger and better gigs.

  • Eyes need candy too Eyes need candy too

    Let’s be straight, high-end 3D visual effects aren’t our specialty, per se, but we have been doing visual effects, graphics, and titles since the Amiga ruled the roost.

    If you want value for your dollar, we can probably get you where you’re going much more swiftly and economically than going to a 3D artist and building something up from scratch. It’s worth consideration…

    Color correction, color grading, compositing, keying, graphics, credits, logo animations, lower thirds… Realms is well experienced doing all these and more. Give us a try; you might just save yourself a bundle.

Our Service

We offer full-service video post-production.



Years of experience and countless personal resources allow me to craft a video for you that is nothing less than creative, personalized, and memorable. THE MISSION: Make your video stand apart and shine. Combine that with a keen sense of human emotion and you have a winning combination.



I take pride in providing you with a polished video that has undergone meticulous attention to detail and quality, covering every aspect of post-production–from Color Correction to Sound Design, Titles & Graphics to properly encoded Deliverables, you can rest assured that your finished video will be pristine.



Save time. After receiving your source footage, your video is made following a proven workflow which enables you to review progress and ultimately receive your deliverables as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Past Clients

Your satisfaction is extremely important.
No matter what size your video/film project is, you will receive five-star service ( )
You receive the same service I’ve provided to ALL my clients in the past, some of which include…

What Others Say

Terry Pratt - Director of Photography, National Geographic & The History Channel

“JK Realms is very sharp about how to bring stories to the screen. His expertise and insight have really helped our projects shine.”

Benjamin Wachs - Author

“JK Realms is a cross between a secret weapon and a special sauce, and he is always, always my first call for video editing. He consistently exceeds project expectations and makes my videos exceptional – not only in the ways I laid out, but in ways I never even knew to ask for.”

Michael Fasman - Senior Producer: Wells Fargo, Hewlett Packard, Burning Man Organization

“JK is an accomplished editor who delivers creative, story-driven work that not only meets, but usually exceeds my clients highest expectations. His artistic vision, technical proficiency, and professional demeanor makes him one of my first choices for both corporate and non-profit editing projects.”


Editing is our game.

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